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Last post 08-13-2007, 9:37 AM by Charlie. 2 replies.
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  •  08-12-2007, 5:47 AM 4269


    so before i rant here, i have to commend charlie on helping streamline the installer.  but as someone trying to learn, why did you throw a whole bunch of stuff into a "template" in the sdk?  it should be blank, no?  first of all, if i try to change the name from "Application1" to something else, then hit f5 to compile it for ha ha's, i get an error in mcmlpad.  then, if i try to delete things that i BELIEVE aren't pertinent, it points to a whole bunch of other crap.  i installed 5.2 thinking it would be noob friendly?  alas, no. would it be possible to just give us the minimalist template that was in 5.1 with the expanded template of 5.2?  or give us a readme that allows us to delete everything that's in the 5.2 template to bring it back to 5.1.  thanks.
    mcml nub
  •  08-13-2007, 9:33 AM 4297 in reply to 4269


    Hi Thermacore,

    1) If you want a different name for your project it's best to do it at the New Project dialog stage. We grab the name you use there and propagate it out to a number of places. You can change it after the fact, but you will need to change Application1 everywhere it's referenced in the application.

    2) For usage of the application template as written pretty much everything is pertinent -- this is about as minimalist as you can get and still have a user interface. (Well, OK, you could have a single page of 'Hello World' user interface to simplify things down even further -- but then you don't really have any interaction for the user, nor do you demonstrate how to bind to data or the Media Center object model which are two very important beginner tasks. But I digress.) If you would like to share exactly how minimalist you want to go we can probably help.

    Charlie Owen (Microsoft)
  •  08-13-2007, 9:37 AM 4298 in reply to 4297


    Oh, and not being critical here, but changing the title of your post might entice others to come help -- especially if it provides some context to the problem you are experiencing.

    Just a thought...

    Charlie Owen (Microsoft)
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